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Almost a year ago a number of historically minded residents of the townships of Tredyffrin and Easttown, Chester County, met at the home of S. Paul Teamer, Berwyn, Pennsylvania, and formed the T-E History Club.

The object of the club is first hand knowledge of historical places in this locality. The study of the history of our churches, schools, roads, public houses, villages, farms, and the lives of the men and women who contributed so substantially to the upbuilding of these two townships.

The search for the preservation of the records of the community, such as the minutes of the school boards, town clerk's records, and church records of births, baptisms and deaths, are all a part of the world of this club. Many valuable papers have been destroyed by fire as the old "Tredyffrin Township Book", containing a record of the township form its formation in 1707, other lacunae exist which time may fill in.

The British army after the Battle of Brandywine in the fall of 1777 encamped for several days in Tredyffrin Township, before the occupation of Philadelphia, and many of our old houses were used as headquarters, by British officers. Close to these townships was the American Encampment at Valley Forge which made so many spots sacred to us.

To us it seems there can be no nobler community sentiment than that of the preservation of the records and monuments of our past and no more certain indication of the active spirit of patriotism in a community than this.

A number of papers have been read at our meetings which are of a high order and should be preserved, their thought led to the idea of a publication to be called the T-E Historical Quarterly and we hope this our first issue will prove to be of interest to everyone. The first number will appear during October 1937. The other numbers will appear in January, April, July, and October, 1938.

--A. W. Baugh


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