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As part of the Society's ongoing Digitization Project, past issues of the History Quarterly were initially converted from their original printed format to scanned PDF (Portable Document Format) files. Since then we have converted those PDF files to HTML web pages for improved access.

Starting with Volume 45, in light of increased page layout complexity, and higher typical online connection speeds, we adopted a new conversion process to produce PDF versions of the articles, optimized for online access and viewing. Note that only the covers featured color images in the original printings, but in these online versions of the articles, color images have been included where possible.

Please note: Starting with Volume 42 in 2005, the title of the publication became Tredyffrin Easttown History Quarterly. Prior to that, the title was Tredyffrin Easttown History Club Quarterly.

Note: The HTML conversion process, particularly from the older type-written originals, introduced some typographical errors. With the help of a dedicated group of proof-readers, we have corrected many of those typos, but still more remain to be found. If you discover anything that you believe should be corrected, please let us know by sending email.


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Volume 1: 1937-38

Volume 2: 1939

Volume 3: 1940

Volume 4: 1941

Volume 5: 1942-43

Volume 6: 1944-47

Volume 7: 1948-53

Volume 8: 1953-55

Volume 9: 1956-57

Volume 10: 1958-59

Volume 11: 1960-61

Volume 12: 1962-63

Volume 13: 1964-65

Volume 14: 1966-67

Volume 15: 1968-70

Volume 16: 1972-78

Volume 17: 1979

Volume 18: 1980

Volume 19: 1981

Volume 20: 1982

Volume 21: 1983

Volume 22: 1984

Volume 23: 1985

Volume 24: 1986

Volume 25: 1987

Volume 26: 1988

Volume 27: 1989

Volume 28: 1990

Volume 29: 1991

Volume 30: 1992

Volume 31: 1993

Volume 32: 1994

Volume 33: 1995

Volume 34: 1996

Volume 35: 1997

Volume 36: 1998

Volume 37: 1999

Volume 38: 2000

Volume 39: 2001-02

Volume 40: 2003

Volume 41: 2004

Volume 42: 2005

Volume 43: 2006

Volume 44: 2007

Volume 45: 2008

Volume 46: 2009

Volume 47: 2010

Volume 48: 2011

Volume 49: 2012

The Tables of Contents from more recent issues may be viewed here.
These issues are not yet available in digital form, but we plan to provide them in the future..


Index to Volumes 1 through 52

The current issue is available at our local distributors (listed on the Publications page). Please support them when you can. Selected back issues are also available in our online store.

Another way to locate articles of interest is to look through the index of article titles (by author) from volumes 1 through 45, available here as a PDF file.

This index has been updated to also include volumes 46 through 52, and the updated version is available here as a PDF file with all changes identified by color coding.

A page listing the Table of Contents and covers from all issues starting with Volume 41 Number 1 (Winter 2004) may be viewed here.


To view the PDF files you need a viewer application compatible with PDF version 1.6 or above such as Acrobat Reader v8 or greater. The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be obtained free of charge here:


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