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Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society
History Quarterly Digital Archives
Volume 38 — 2000

Volume 38 Number 1 — January 2000
3Strafford Station Neighborhood Walk -- 1999 by James B. Garrison, AIA
15The Experiences of a World War II Prisoner of War by John E. Legg
35A Gold Star Honor Roll of World War II Heroes by Herb Fry
39Notes and Comments
Volume 38 Number 2 — April 2000
43Old Houses and History of Devault and Cedar Hollow by Sue Andrews
59The Company House at Devault by Howard R. Housworth Jr.
63Life in Cedar Hollow by Emil Capetola
65Oral History Interviews – Cedar Hollow and the Warner Company by John Alleva
71Notes from a Visit by Peter Melchiorre Jr.
73New Rules for Lost Dogs from the Daily Local News
74Notes and Comments
Volume 38 Number 3 — July 2000
79The Chester Valley Railroad by Robert E. Geasey
93When Bertrand Russell Lived on Malvern R. D. 1 by Barbara Fry
98In Memoriam: Halsey Frank Stanley
99A New Library for the Tredyffrin Easttown History Club by Herb Fry
113Notes and Comments
Volume 38 Number 4 — October 2000
117Civil War Veterans Buried at St. David's (Radnor) Church by Bill Stroud
131Neiman on Neiman: An Autobiography by Bertha Neiman
145In Memoriam: Merle Walker Lee
146Notes and Comments
149Index to Volume XXXVIII

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