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Winter 2024 History Quarterly

The History Quarterly

Starting in 1937, the Tredyffrin Easttown History Club began publishing a periodical called the History Quarterly with the aim of encouraging scholarship and interest in local historical studies, and that mission has continued ever since, through the transition to the Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society in 2005, and on to the present day.

The History Quarterly, published approximately four times a year, has also documented and expanded upon presentations delivered at our organization's meetings over the years, as well as reporting on local history subjects and events within our area. This compendium of local Upper Main Line history is the largest of its kind in Chester County, and has been critically acclaimed by community leaders and educators alike.

Over more than 85 years of publication, the History Quarterly has always been a volunteer endeavor. We are indebted to our current editors, John O. Senior, Heidi Sproat, Larry DeYoung, and Nancy Kimmons, as well as to all of the past editors whose efforts maintained a high standard of excellence.

The History Quarterly is offered at no additional cost to Society members, and regular issues are sold at a retail price of $10.00 through local public libraries, other historical organizations, and several selected retail establishments. Back issues are also available from our online store.

The Tables of Contents from previous issues may be viewed here.

Winter 2024, Volume 57, Number 1 — Table of Contents
When Mrs. Kennedy Met Mr. Lincoln – James P. Brazel
Locals at the Indy 500 – Bart Van Valkenburgh
Lost Golf Courses on the Main Line – Peter C. Trenham and Joyce DeYoung
In Memoriam: Suzanne Andrews
Posts from Facebook: Heroism Averts Passenger Train Wreck – Meg Wiederseim, Editor
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2007 Quarterly Special Double Issue

The History of Tredyffrin Township

In the past 300 years, only two comprehensive chronicles about our county have been written: The History of Chester County, by Judge M. Smith Futhey and Gilbert Cope (1881), and History of Chester County PA, by Charles Heathcote (1926). Ironically, in neither of these publications did Tredyffrin Township, with its unique Welsh name, merit more than a few pages.

In April, 2006, the Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society, founded in 1936, was asked to compile a Township history as part of the Tredyffrin Tricentennial scheduled celebrated in 2007. The Society accepted this challenge, and under the editorship of Mr. Michael Bertram, the entirely volunteer assistance of many Society members, and the substantial resources of the Society’s archive, was created The History of Tredyffrin Township, 1707 – 2007.

This 100-page publication contains over 35 articles describing many of the events and personalities within our Township from the 1680’s to the present. With 31 maps, and 135 photographs and drawings - many never before published – this history is perfect not only for long-time residents but especially pertinent to the many new families who move to Tredyffrin from other parts of the country knowing little of its local history.

Are you interested in learning about Colonial life in this area, and what really happened here during the Revolution? Our Main Line communities owe much to our rich railroad heritage, and that story is told. So many stories. Did you know, for example, that there was a U.S. Marine Corps base right here in Tredyffrin Township, and that there existed for many years the Main Line Airport where the Great Valley Corporate Center now resides? All of these, and many other subjects, are found in this History of Tredyffrin Township, 1707 – 2007.

Click here to view a sample chapter, one of 35, concerning the Inns and Taverns of Tredyffrin Township. (715 KB PDF).

Availability: After several reprintings, the Society has sold all remaining inventory of this History. To read this book, however, you may visit the Local History section of one of our local public libraries.


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