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Quarterly V57 N1 Cover

Winter 2024, Volume 57, Number 1
When Mrs. Kennedy Met Mr. Lincoln – James P. Brazel
Locals at the Indy 500 – Bart Van Valkenburgh
Lost Golf Courses on the Main Line – Peter C. Trenham and Joyce DeYoung
In Memoriam: Suzanne Andrews
Posts from Facebook: Heroism Averts Passenger Train Wreck – Meg Wiederseim, Editor
Support Recognition

Quarterly V56 N4 Cover

Spring 2023, Volume 56, Number 4
The Quaker Trailer Company – Meg Wiederseim
Olde Mill Road – Joseph Romano
Gifts Received by the TEHS Archive in 2019, 2020, and 2021 – Cheryl Leibold
Other 2021 Additions to the TEHS Image Collection – Heidi Sproat
Historic Photos of a Paoli Parade – Bart Van Valkenburgh
In Memoriam: Joel T. Fry
In Memoriam: Sharon Ann MacQuiston Brazel
In Memoriam: Anna Ellen Murdock
posts from facebook: Attempted Robbery at Berwyn Bank – Meg Wiederseim, Editor
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Quarterly V56 N2 Cover

Spring 2022, Volume 56, Number 2
Pennsylvania National Guard Summer Camps at Devon and the First Troop
  Philadelphia City Cavalry
– Francis B. Jacobs, II and Meg Wiederseim
Small Beer — A Common Colonial Drink – Clarissa F. Dillon, Ph.D.
In Memoriam: Bo Göran Lennart Bergqvist – Roger D. Thorne
Then and Now: Green Tree in Willistown Township
  – Roger Thorne and Bart Van Valkenburgh
Support Recognition

Quarterly V55 N4 Cover

Winter 2021, Volume 55, Number 4
The Devon Inn (Special Edition Full-Color Expanded Issue)

The Remarkable Story of the Devon Inn: A Long-Lost Treasure of the Victorian Era
– Meg Wiederseim, Joyce DeYoung, and John O. Senior
Devon Inn – Bob Goshorn
The Devon Inn Story: Further Discoveries

  • Devon Inn History Timeline
  • Historical Context
  • The Building
  • Surroundings
  • Personalities
  • The Architects of the Devon Inns – Greg Prichard
  • Life at the Inn
  • Postscript
  • Sources
  • Further Reading

In Memoriam: J. Michael Morrison

Special Expanded Issue Price: $15.00

Quarterly V55 N3 Cover

Summer 2020, Volume 55, Number 3
A Brief Overview of the Main Line of Public Works, and its Successor, the Pennsylvania Railroad, from 1827 to the 1890s – Roger D. Thorne
The Stop at Paoli – Mike Bertram and Roger D. Thorne
Short Subjects

  • "My First Ride Behind a Locomotive"
  • The Amazing Climb of the Norris Locomotive George Washington
Quarterly V55 N1 Cover

Autumn 2019, Volume 55, Number 1
To Market We Go: A Celebration of the Lancaster County Farmers Market on the Upper Main Line – Roger D. Thorne
The Lancaster County Farmers Market: Serving the Main Line for Over Eight Decades – Daniel W. Neff
Impressions and Recollections, Part 1

  • Personal Memories of the Market — Roger D. Thorne
  • Memories of the Lancaster County Farmers Market in Wayne — James Brazel
  • Living and Learning – Loyd Pakradooni
  • Comments from a Loyal Market Customer — Barb & Dan Kurkjian

A Conversation with the Huacani Family – Roger D. Thorne
Impressions and Recollections, Part 2

  • The Market Provides Community — Bruce Martin
  • Reminiscences: The Cottage at the Market — Loyd Pakradooni

A Conversation with the Huacani Family – Roger D. Thorne
Impressions and Recollections, Part 3

  • A Sense of Community — Michael Fisher
Quarterly V54 N4 Cover

Spring 2019, Volume 54, Number 4
Service with a Smile: Three Generations of DiAntonio Family Auto Service
– Bart Van Valkenburgh
Robert and Frances Ligget: Local History Leaders of the Mid-Twentieth Century
– Stephen Dittmann
Archive Gifts Received in 2017 – Cheryl Leibold
More Reflections on Lord Stirling's Quarters – Cheryl Leibold and John O. Senior
Old Eagle Garden Club, A Main Line Establishment – Janet Alwang
Colonial or Colonial Revival? – Clarissa F. Dillon, Ph.D.
Growing Old in the World of William Penn – Clarissa F. Dillon, Ph.D.
2018 Historic House Tour – Pattye Benson, with photos by John O. Senior
Notes & Comments – John O. Senior

  • Wharton Esherick Historic Marker Dedication and Diamond Rock Schoolhouse Update
  • Paoli Inn Historic Marker Dedication
  • Jones Log Barn Reconstruction Project Update
  • The Valley Forge Turnpike Berm
  • The Old Clockworks Building vs. Digital Billboards in Paoli
Quarterly V54 N2 Cover

Spring 2018, Volume 54, Number 2
The Story of Slim, a Lineman in the Great Valley – J. Michael Morrison
Commemorating The Main Line Airport: Remembering 50 Years of Local Aviation
– Roger D. Thorne
How a Story Develops: The Mary Severn Jones Diary – Mike Bertram & Heidi Sproat
Research Techniques 1 & 2 – Mike Bertram
Prescribed Fires at Valley Forge Park – John O. Senior
Notes & Comments
In Memoriam: Joyce A. Post, Richard E. Kurtz, Esq., William H. Fritz, III

Quarterly V53 N3 Cover

March 2017, Volume 53, Number 3
Ruth Esherick Bascom: The Extraordinary Life and Times of an Artist's Daughter
– Mansfield (Bob) Bascom, with Roger D. Thorne
Wharton Esherick's Studio: The House of Wows – Mansfield Bascom
Mr. Boswell Goes to Corsica: The Surprising Origins of Modern Democratic Charisma
– David A. Bell
Notes & Comments:
Groundbreaking at Paoli Train Station – John O. Senior

Quarterly V53 N2 Cover

October 2016, Volume 53, Number 2
The Papal Weekend In Paoli, September 26–27, 2015 – Roger D. Thorne
A Rare Re-Platforming Through Paoli – Roger D. Thorne
Update on the 1930 Devon Fireworks Explosion Site and the Westover Bird Sanctuary
– Heidi Sproat and Michele Hawk
In Memoriam: Jean Dixon-Sullivan
Notes & Comments:
Society Outreach at Local Events – John O. Senior
Centennial Celebration of the Pipe Organ at Trinity Presbyterian Church
– John O. Senior
Grand Opening of Sullivan's Bridge – John O. Senior
2016 Historic House Tour – John O. Senior
TEHS Featured on PBPA Banner – John O. Senior

Quarterly V53 N1 Cover

July 2016, Volume 53, Number 1
The Hires Root Beer Family Story and its Connections to Tredyffrin & Easttown Townships – Jeff Groff
2014 Gifts to the TEHS Archives and Special Collections – Cheryl Leibold
In Memoriam: Margery Stratton
Notes & Comments:
2016 Member Excursion to the Old Roberts School – John. O. Senior
Vintage Pullman Car Visits Paoli – John. O. Senior
Chesterbrook Redevelopment Progress – John. O. Senior
Major Repairs at Valley Forge Park – John. O. Senior & Roger Thorne

Quarterly V52 N2 Cover

October 2015, Volume 52, Number 2
Music and Memories: The Story of the Maple Grove Inn – Penny L. Washington
A Beautiful Journey: The Life of the Main Line's Mildred Miller Burruss
– Penny L. Washington
Changes at Valley Forge National Historical Park 2013 and Beyond
– Kate Hammond, edited by John O. Senior & Heidi Sproat
Recent Additions to the Image Collection Database – Heidi Sproat & John. O. Senior
Notes & Comments:
2015 Historic House Tour – John. O. Senior
Historic Knox Covered Bridge is damaged – Roger D. Thorne
Mummers visit the Devon Horse Show – John. O. Senior
2015 Members Excursion to St. David's Church – John. O. Senior
Society Activity at Tredyffrin Public Library – John. O. Senior

Quarterly V52 N1 Cover

April 2015, Volume 52, Number 1
2015 S. Paul Teamer Award Recipients – Roger Thorne & Heidi Sproat, edited by John O. Senior
Eating Locally in Colonial Tredyffrin and Easttown – Clarissa Dillon, Ph.D.
The Architecture of Culver & Rogers in Tredyffrin and Easttown – Greg Prichard
J. Alden Mason: Our Link with Ancient Panama Gold – Cheryl Leibold
Notes & Comments:
New Chesterbrook Farm Photographs Published – Cheryl Leibold
First Pennsylvania Ballet Performance in a Paoli Horse Pasture – Heidi Sproat

Quarterly V51 N2 Cover

July 2014, Volume 51, Number 2 — Table of Contents
TEHS Archives and Special Collections: A Look at the Gifts Received in 2013
– Cheryl Leibold
Photographs of Tredyffrin and Easttown Estates from William Morrison – Gretchen Kiernan
History of St. John's Presbyterian Church, Devon, Pennsylvania, 1893–2013
– Eva Davies Noll with Barbara McConnell, Nancy Kimmons, & John O. Senior
In Memoriam: Eva Davies Noll
The Chester Valley Trail in Tredyffrin Township – Stephen Dittmann
Then and Now: Cassatt Avenue in Berwyn – Roger Thorne and Herb Fry
Notes & Comments

Quarterly V51 N1 Cover

April 2014, Volume 51, Number 1
Strafford Station at the Centennial: Fact or Fiction? – Greg Prichard
Early History of Paoli – Mike Bertram
Henry Fox and the Fox Inn in Easttown – Mike Bertram
The Baptist Union School – Mike Bertram
Early African American Burials in 19th Century Valley Friends Meeting Burial Grounds – Patricia J. Henry
With Respect to Women – Clarissa F. Dillon
The Connection between the Development of Psychoanalysis and Daylesford
– Mike Bertram
Then and Now: Canal Collector’s Office at Paoli – Roger Thorne and Herb Fry
Notes & Comments

Quarterly V50 N2 Cover

June 2013, Volume 50, Number 2
Then and Now: Northwestern Tredyffrin Township – John O. Senior
An Archaeological Investigation of the Joseph Lewis Site – Cultural Heritage Research Services, Inc.
Book Review: Trinity Remembers... – Richard E. Kurtz, introduction by Roger D. Thorne
Notes & Comments
Index to Volume 49

Quarterly V50 N1 Cover

March 2013, Volume 50, Number 1
Phillis and Slavery in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania – Patricia Henry
Hugh Steen, Serial Entrepreneur of Tredyffrin – Mike Bertram
The Black Bear Inn – Mike Bertram
Notes & Comments

Quarterly V49 N4 Cover

December 2012, Volume 49, Number 4
When the Cold War Cast Its Shadow upon the Great Valley:
The Paoli/Valley Forge Nike Missile Base, 1954-1964
– Roger Thorne
Notes & Comments

Quarterly V49 N3 Cover

September 2012, Volume 49, Number 3
The Three Cassatts – Cheryl Leibold
The Davis-Armstrong-Sparks Map – Mike Bertram
George Washington's GIS System – Sean Moir
Early Girl Scouting in the East District – Jean Harlow
Devon Ladies Accused of Smuggling – Richard E. Kurtz
Notes & Comments
Index to Volume 48

Quarterly V49 N1+2 Cover

July 2012, Volume 49, Number 1 & 2 — Table of Contents
– Special Double Issue
A Tour of the Generals’ Quarters – Mike Bertram and Tim Lander
Notes & Comments

Quarterly V48 N4 Cover

December 2011, Volume 48, Number 4
A New Roof for an Old Barn – Tim Lander
Revolutionary Reparations – Mike Bertram
When I Decided to Join the Tredyffrin Easttown History Club – Jim Brazel
The New TEHS Logo Has Early Origins – J. Michael Morrison
Then... and Now: Diamond Rock Schoolhouse
2012 S. Paul Teamer Awards
Index to Volume 47

Quarterly V48 N3 Cover

September 2011, Volume 48, Number 3
Crum Creek Valley – Richard E. Kurtz
Toward Valley Forge – From the Pennsylvania Gazette
The Valley Forge Asbestos Insulation Works – Peter Segal and Mike Bertram
Trinity Presbyterian Church 150th Anniversary

Quarterly V48 N1 Cover

March 2011, Volume 48, Number 1
When German Prisoners of War Passed Through Paoli – Roger D. Thorne

Quarterly V47 N4 Cover

December 2010, Volume 47, Number 4
A Pictorial Record of Great Valley Presbyterian Church – Edited by Roger D. Thorne
Tredyffrin in 1710 – Mike Bertram
Centennial Celebration of Paoli Library, 2010 – Steve Dittmann
Thomson Lodge No. 340 Celebrates Sesquicentennial Anniversary – Richard E. Kurtz
Paoli Fire Company: The First 101 Years – Bruce E. Mapes
Colonial Springs Revisited – Mike Bertram
Notes & Comments
Then... and Now: Bottling Plant at Colonial Springs

Quarterly V47 N1 Cover

March 2010, Volume 47, Number 1
The Forgotten Statesman: Philander Knox and the Politics of the Early 1900s – Mike Bertram
When the Legendary Burlington Zephyr Passed Through Paoli – Roger D. Thorne
Notes & Comments
Then... and Now: Old Tredyffrin Township Building


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