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Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society
History Quarterly Digital Archives
Volume 35 — 1997

Volume 35 Number 1 — January 1997
3The Promoters of Paoli
4Robert Finley Matthews by Ida Matthews Hardester
8James Hervey Dewees by C. Herbert Fry
11Rev. Horace A. Walton by Shirley Hough
13Edward F. Bracken by Barbara Fry
15John Garrett Eachus by Frank Fuller
17Robert Coffman Hughes M.D. by Mary Stevenson Lamborn
19William Frederick Isinger Jr. by Elizabeth Kirkner Weaver
21Darby Creek Valley Association: Guardian of a Stream by Anne Gilbert Ackerman
29The Lincoln Highway: A Time of Transition by G. Edward Buck
32The Lincoln Highway: "It's My Turn to Read the Signs" by G. Edward Buck
35Notes and Comments
Volume 35 Number 2 — April 1997
41Vanished Houses of the Great Valley by Sue Andrews
55Public Schools of Easttown and Tredyffrin Townships - Part I by Robert L. Ward
67A Personal History of Strafford (Reflecting the Many Years I've Lived Here) by Anne Kirkpatrick
76Berwyn Chapel in Argentina by Mary Robertson Ives
77In Memoriam: Martha Rowland Pugh
78Notes and Comments
Volume 35 Number 3 — July 1997
81Public Schools of Easttown and Tredyffrin Townships - Part II by Robert L. Ward
97What Do We Have in the Archives? by Barbara Fry
107Other Sources of Information on Local History by Herb Fry
109Berwyn's Amateur Astronomers by Thomas R. Williams
119In Memoriam: Louise Hines Kneass
120Notes and Comments
Volume 35 Number 4 — October 1997
123Berwyn Village Walk by C. Herbert Fry
143The Upper Main Line by Richard E Kurtz
153The Baptist Building at Valley Forge by John L. Carroll
157"Remember Paoli" from the Daily Local News
157Errata for Volume XXXV – 1997
159Notes and Comments
160Index to Volume XXXV

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