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Paoli is an unincorporated village with no formal governmental body. Parts of it are located in three different townships, leading to a somewhat diluted sense of place. It does, however, have a rich history. As the twentieth century dawned, the village entered into an era of rapid growth in housing, industry and services leading essentially to its appearance as we know it today. At our November club meeting six of our members presented short biographical sketches of the men of Paoli who were infiuentiai in this development. Their stories are included as our lead article in this quarterly.

The headwaters of the Darby creek in Easttown and Tredyffrin townships are largely hidden away under asphalt and concrete but, nevertheless, they give birth to a stream which drains a large surrounding area having an important industrial and historical heritage. Club members traveled to The Grange in Haverford township, on the Darby creek, to hear a presentation by Anne Ackerman about the work of the Darby Creek Valley Association in caring for the creek. Her comments were recorded and transcribed as the second feature.

Club member Ed Buck has carved out a niche for himself as a recognized authority on the history of the Lincoln Highway. He shared with us at the September club meeting the story of some of his travels on this earliest transcontinental thoroughfare, which also happens to be our main street. Two of his short essays about the Lincoln Highway are presented as our final offering in this issue.


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