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Source: April 1997 Volume 35 Number 2, Page 78

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Page 78

Waterloo Mills Preserve

The creation of a private nature sanctuary in Easttown got a green light when township supervisors, on February 17, 1997, approved a subdivision of building lots off Church Road in Devon. The subdivision permits the donation of a large portion of wooded property, along Darby Creek, to the Brandywine Conservancy Environmental Management Center of Chadds Ford. The property to be donated is owned by John and Chara Haas of Villanova.

The nature sanctuary, called Waterloo Mills Preserve, will consist of 114 acres in Easttown, 28 acres on the north side, and 86 acres on the south side of the estate. Another 60 acres will come from the Harrison tract across the Newtown Township border. The donated property includes the historic mill building at Waterloo Mills, which is registered on the National Register of Historic Places. There is also a garage (formerly blacksmith and wheelwright shops) and two tenant houses that are currently occupied. Episcopal Academy is located next to the site.

A portion of the donated land will be used to create three building lots located in the southeast section of the property. They will be sold and the proceeds used to fund a management endowment.

Local Landmark Demolished

The Mile Post Inn, a landmark restaurant on the south side of Lancaster Avenue in Strafford, was demolished on February 18, 1997. It had been closed for a time before it was purchased last year as part of a future land development plan by the owners of the Devon Square Shopping Center, which abuts it to the southwest. The building, built in 1939, opened as The Lamp Post, and was owned by the Piombino family of Devon. It was sold in 1975, and the name changed to The Mile Post by its new owners.


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