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Source: October 1997 Volume 35 Number 4, Page 122


Page 122

The Berwyn Village Walk, held early in August this year, created a great deal of interest in the history of the village. Many of those in attendance were unaware of Berwyn's origins and how it developed over the years, causing a flurry of inquiries about local history at the Easttown Library. The script written by Herb Fry for use by the walk guides is reproduced here as the initial article in this issue. It provides an interesting perspective on the history of this place.

Dick Kurtz grew up in Paoli watching the Pennsylvania Railroad's finest passen­ger trains to the West and New York City arrive and depart the local depot, competing for platform space with the "red rattler" commuter fleet bound to and from Philadelphia. It is little wonder, then, that he has a toy train layout in his home which depicts the route of the railroad through the Upper Main Line. In our second feature, he describes his "train board" set up, and offers some marvelous recollections of Paoli in the 1940s.

The large circular building with a landscaped open center along Gulph Road in Upper Merion township, near the eastern border of Tredyffrin, has been an architectual curiousity since its construction in 1962. How it came to be constructed in such unique style is related by Berwyn resident Bud Carroll, who commenced employment in the building about a year after it opened and who recently retired after 30 years of service there. His story about the Baptist Building at Valley Forge is our third offering.

The cover photo and those on pages 125, 130, 137 and 142 are courtesy of Jack Ansley.

This issue also includes an index to Volume XXXV of the Quarterly.


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