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Source: October 1997 Volume 35 Number 4, Pages 157–158

"Remember Paoli" from the Daily Local News, October 12, 1897

Page 157

We are in receipt of Prof. L. B. Vanderslice's latest musical composition. It bears the name of "Remember Paoli," and is a very charming schottische with a variety, movement, and more harmony than is usually found in the productions of the day. It is dedicated to the Paoli Memorial Association, and was played with marked success by the Phoenix Military Band at the recent 120th anniversary of the Paoli Massacre at Paoli parade grounds. It is arranged for the piano and bands, and is already having a large sale. Prof. Vanderslice has won well merited distinction as a composer and writer of music, many of his productions taking rank with the best of modern times.

[Editor's note: Prof. Vanderslice was Lewis B. Vanderslice, leader of the Phoenix Military Band from 1876 until his death in 1920, and a prolific composer of band music. A newspaper report in 1895 credited him with 32 pieces of brass band music written within the preceding five years. A resident of Phoenixville his entire life, his official membership in the band dated from December 28, 1867, when he was 12 years of age. On the 29th of April, 1876, upon the resignation of

Page 158

his uncle John G. Moses as leader of the band, he was chosen as his successor. A contemporary of Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore and John Philip Sousa, he was no doubt aware of their immense influence on American band music of the time. Vanderslice married in 1883 E!la MacFeat of Spring City, daughter of Walter MacFeat, Chester County commissioner from 1881-1884. They had one child, a daughter, Jean.

The Phoenix Military Band itself had a long history, from its organization in 1847 until its final dissolution in 1950. According to Samuel W. Pennypacker, who grew up in Phoenixville, the band distinguished itself as the first organized body of men from there to enter service in the early days of the Civil War. It was mustered into one of the three-month regiments: the 2d Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, at York on May 26, 1861; two months later it was mustered out and returned to Phoenixville. During Vanderslice's tenure of leadership, it performed at many ceremonies, such as the one noted above marking the 120th anniversary of the Paoli massacre.]


Errata for Volume XXXV – 1997

No. 1 (January)
p. 4 – The birth place of Matilda Finley Matthews is Ireland (see 1880 Census of Easttown Township). Her family relationship with A. E. Finley, who died in 1850 in Easttown, has yet to be ascertained.
p. 17 – The birth date of Dr. Robert C. Hughes is May 25,1887.

No. 2 (April)
p. 50 – Bill McDowell is the great, grandson of William McDowell.
p. 60 – The Howellville School burned on April 9, 1922.

No. 3 (July)
p. 91 – Woodlynde School opened in the old Strafford School in 1984.
p. 91 – Spell: Acting superintendent, Barry Yocom.


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