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Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society
History Quarterly Digital Archives
Volume 34 — 1996

Volume 34 Number 1 — January 1996
3Conestoga High School by Bob Goshorn
20Gingerbread in Berwyn drawings by Megan Fruchter, text by Hob Borgson
29Historical Sketch of the Baptist Church at Great Valley by Wm.M. Whitehead
41In Memoriam: Robert Musselwhite Goshorn
42Notes and Comments
Volume 34 Number 2 — April 1996
47Alexander Murdoch: The Shepherd of Chesterbrook by Barbara Fry
53The Clintonville-Tredyffrin Paper Mill 1834-1848 by Arthur E. James
61Looking Back to Our Roots: The Legacy of Franklin L. Burns by Herb Fry
66Valley Forge Sixty Years Ago by Franklin L. Burns
The History of Old St. David's Church
71A Prefatory Setting by Henry Pleasants
75Some Observations on the First Three Decades by Frank Fuller
81Notes and Comments
Volume 34 Number 3 — July 1996
85The Neilley Family & Their Log Cabin by Alan Kohn
105American Indians of the Delaware Valley by Chris Hummer, Ph.D
115Berwyn's 75th Anniversary by Herb Fry and Mary Lamborn
123Notes and Comments
Volume 34 Number 4 — October 1996
127The Electrification of the Paoli Local by Robert M. Goshorn & Robert E. Geasey
141"Bibliophile Extraordinaire" by G.Edward Buck
151The Thomas Massey House in Marple Township Delaware County, Pennsylvania by Hilda Shadel Lucas
162In Memoriam: Annabelle Buffett Motley
163Notes and Comments
165Index to Volume XXXIV

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