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Source: January 1996 Volume 34 Number 1, Page 41

In Memoriam: Robert Musselwhite Goshorn

Page 41

The History Club has lost its guiding light, Robert M. "Bob" Goshorn, who died on November 21, 1995, following a stroke.

Bob was born on March 22, 1919, and grew up in this area. He graduated from Radnor High School and, as he put it, "from Swarthmore College many, many years ago " He was an infantry captain in World War II, was a prisoner of war in Europe and was awarded the Purple Heart. He worked in the magazine publishing business from 1946 until 1977, when he retired to pursue more actively his diverse interests.

Many of these interests brought him public acclaim. He served on the local school board for more than 27 years, and for 15 years on the county board. He was past chairman of the Greater Main Line Branch of the American Red Cross. We especially knew him as an acknowledged authority on local history and a former president of the Chester County Historical Society; and of our own History Club, having also edited and published 70 issues of the Quarterly publication of the Club over 17 years commencing in 1978.

He had an extensive collection of political campaign memorabilia which he shared publicly in presidential election years. He contributed a column to the Great Valley News. He taught a School Night class at Conestoga High School. He played tennis, golf, and one-on-one basketball as often as time would allow. He had innumerable other interests and he was, it seemed, into everything.

Bob had lost his beloved wife Elizabeth just last year after 52 years of marriage. Earlier his father, his son, and his grandson each died under tragic circumstances. He is survived by one daughter, two granddaughters and two great-grandsons. He was of positive and gracious demeanor, and he never failed to share a humorous anecdote with his associates. We remember him also for his selection of attire -- loud sweater or shirt for dress-up, bright red jacket in winter, and tennis shorts year round. A ray of sunshine has gone out of our lives. He cannot be replaced, and will not soon be forgot.


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