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Source: January 1996 Volume 34 Number 1, Page 2


Page 2

This issue of the Quarterly is dedicated to the memory of Bob Goshorn, its editor since 1978, who died on November 21. The first article is a history of Conestoga High School which was presented by him at our meeting last September. Its preparation was a labor of love for Bob who served as school director for 27 of Conestoga's 40 years.

Many of the houses in the village of Berwyn were constructed in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, and one hundred years later their porches are still adorned with touches of Victorian "gingerbread" of that era. The drawings of Megan Fruchter illustrate our next feature which shows a sampling of some of the carpenter's handiwork still to be seen.

And finally, we present an historical sketch of the Baptist Church at Great Valley originally published in 1872 by the Rev. Whitehead, pastor there just before the Civil War. Although it has been referenced by writers and historians of a later day, it is reproduced here in its entirety as a worthy source of information about the first 150 years of this venerable institution.


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