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Source: October 1996 Volume 34 Number 4, Page 126


Page 126

Found among the papers Bob Goshorn left for the History Club was an almost completed draft about electrification of Paoli Local service on the Pennsylvania Railroad's Main Line. Bob Geasey kindly contributed concluding remarks for the paper and supplied some informative technical notes. The co-authored effort, our first article, is especially timely in light of the special celebration this year marking the 150th Anniversary of PRR's beginnings.

For over 40 years, book collector and author A. Edward Newton lived quietly at Oak Knoll in Daylesford while amassing a book collection of over 10,000 volumes. Ed Buck, one of our newer members, has transferred the results of his research about Newton's unusual life into a unique biographical sketch framed as an assumed reportorial interview. It is our second feature.

Club members enjoyed a visit to the Thomas Massey house in Marple Township, Delaware County, site of our meeting last May. The trip provided a rare opportunity to learn about one of the earliest Quaker settlers of this area. Local historian Hilda Lucas acted as our tour guide. Her comments were recorded on audio tape, and later transcribed by Herb Fry as our final article.

Included in this issue is an index for Volume XXXIV. We note with melancholy the approaching first anniversary of the passing of Bob Goshorn, our late editor, who did so much to elevate the standards of this publication. The Editorial Board dedicates itself to continue the tradition of excellence established by Bob.


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