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Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society
History Quarterly Digital Archives
Volume 44 — 2007

Volume 44 Numbers 1&2 — Winter/Spring 2007 (special double issue)
IFCFrom the EditorAbout the covers
4The Development of Tredyffrin
5Part 1: Colonial Times 1680–1780
6The Early Days
9The Roads
1218th Century Churches
15Inns and Taverns
20The Mills
22The Revolutionary War
27The Villages of Tredyffrin
32Tredyffrin Schools
37Tredyffrin's Pioneer Medical Practitioners
40Part 2: The Rural Period 1780–1950
41The Rural Environment
42The Glass Tax
43Limestone Quarrying
46Railroads in Tredyffrin
51The Covered Bridge
52Tredyffrin Volunteers in the Civil War
54The Non-Gran Bronze Company
55World War I: The Marine Corps Signals Training Camp
57The Paper Bag Company
58Scenes of Disaster at Devon
61The University of Pennsylvania Valley Forge Campus
62The Main Line Airport
65The School Segregation Fight
68Part 3: Urbanization 1950–2006
69The Nike Base
71Great Valley Township
72The Philadelphia Folk Festival
74The Burroughs Research Center in Paoli
76Valley Forge Music Fair
78Open Space in the Township
79The Vanguard Group
80Looking Forward
81Part 4: Personalities of Tredyffrin
82The Reverend David Jones
83Alexander Cassatt
84Philander C. Knox
85Wharton Esherick
86Chubby Checker
87John Bogle
88Sources and Acknowledgements
Volume 44 Number 3 — Summer 2007
92From the EditorAbout the covers
93The Importance of the Paoli Massacre by Philip Gibson
96The Ryan Connection: The Relationship Between the Main Line Airport, Paoli, Pennsylvania, and Ryan Aeronautical Corporation, San Diego, California by Roger D. Thorne
106We Scrapples: Philadelphia's Main Line as it Really Was
107The Yohn Farm in Chesterbrook by Mike Bertram
112The Shoe Makers Shoe Maker: The Quici Family of Berwyn by Bill Bellew
114The Men's Garden Club of Berwyn by From The April 1956 Quarterly
115Pursuing a Local Automotive Mystery: Edwards Garage by Roger D. Thorne
111Notes and Comments
118Then... & Now: Devon Boulevard, Devon
Volume 44 Number 4 — Fall 2007
120From the EditorAbout the covers
121Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society : A Short Look at a Long History by C. Herbert Fry
127The Club House by Joyce A. Post
142“Club Members Remember” – A List of Features compiled by J. B. Post
14370 Years of Publishing the Quarterly by Joyce A. Post
143What Can You Say in 70 Years?
144Burials in Local Cemeteries: Interment Listings in the Tredyffrin Easttown History Club Quarterly compiled by J. B. Post
148How and Why the Quarterly Came To Be
16970 Years of Production Methods
174Business Matters
1807 Decades of Maps: 1937–2007 compiled by J. B. Post
185Index to Volume 44

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