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Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society
History Quarterly Digital Archives
Volume 29 — 1991

Volume 29 Number 1 — January 1991
3Christmas 1777 by Bob Goshorn
11Prissy Robinson's Grave by Mary Robertson Ives
13Roughwood by William Woys Weaver
18The Barn at Roughwood by Anne H. Cook
19Mr. Newton "Mutilates" a Book by Hob Borgson
25Letters from the Farm Manager of Chesterbrook Farm by R. A. Colgan [edited by Bob Goshorn]
34School Rules in 1869 by from the Minute Book of the Tredyffrin Board of School Directors
37In Memoriam: Mary Elizabeth Moorshead
38Notes and Comments
Volume 29 Number 2 — April 1991
43"The House that Quality Built" : A Brief History of the American Stores Company by C. Herbert Fry
65Our Public Schools During the First Half of the Nineteenth Century by Bob Goshorn
77The Many William Penns by Henry B. Thomas
83Notes and Comments
Volume 29 Number 3 — July 1991
87Where is Our History Hidden?
87Finding the History of the Trinity Presbyterian Church by Barbara Fry
91Keeping Your Antennae Up by Elizabeth Goshorn
93Working With Land Records by Herb Fry
94A Dozen Places to Look by Bob Goshorn
98The Fourth of July at Daylesford by Louise H. Kneass
101The Plantations in the Valley by Hob Borgson
111Royer-Greaves School for Blind by Robert J. Bell
117The Great Valley Association by Bob Helms
123The Open Land Conservancy by Mitsie Toland
130Notes and Comments
Volume 29 Number 4 — October 1991
135The Schuylkill Navigation Company Canal and Lock 60 by Bob Elmer & Leslie Lighton-Humphreys
141The Early Development of Devon by Bob Goshorn
151Family Folklore by Club Members
161Mennonites in the Chester Valley by Joel D. Alderfer
168In Memoriam: Janet Irwin Malin
169Notes and Comments
171Index to Volume XXIX

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