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Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society
History Quarterly Digital Archives
Volume 27 — 1989

Volume 27 Number 1 — January 1989
3The Berwyn Railroad Station by Bob Goshorn
7Club Members Remember: Toys from Christmases Past
13Teaching School in the Early 1840s by David Evans (transcribed by Nancy B. Schmitt)
28A Sleigh Ride by Barbara Fry
29Archaeological Investigations at Conway's Brigade, Valley Forge by Allen R. Cooper
38Notes and Comments
Volume 27 Number 2 — April 1989
43Valley Friends Meeting by Martha Lightwood
53Baseball Fields in Berwyn by Franklin L. Burns
58Readin', 'Ritin', and 'Rithmetic: Schools before the Public School Law by Grace Winthrop, Mary Whitworth Barbee, Janet Perry
67The Boundaries of Chester County by Bob Goshorn
77Two Property Sales in 1833 by Barbara Fry
78Notes and Comments
Volume 27 Number 3 — July 1989
83Yellow Springs by Sandy Momyer
93A Collection of Springhouses by drawings by Meg Fruchter
102Club Members Remember: The Changing Face of Paoli
113The Cassatt Brothers' Sister by Bob Goshorn
118Notes and Comments
Volume 27 Number 4 — October 1989
123A Tory "Memorial" by Anne H. Cook
131Public Schooling in the Nineteenth Century by Bob Goshorn
139Nineteenth Century Iron Mines by Hob Borgson
143Tredyffrin and Easttown Soldiers in the Pennsylvania Volunteer Army in 1864 by Barbara Fry
156In Memoriam: Charles E. Lee
157Notes and Comments
160Index to Volume XXVII

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