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Volume 2 — 1939

Note: Starting with Volume 2 Number 1 the editors adopted a volume-based (rather than issue-based) page numbering scheme. In each successive issue, the page numbers start with the next consecutive number following the last of the previous issue.

Volume 2 Number 1 — January 1939
2Valley Forge Road by Crosswell McBee
6Additional Notes on the Fatland and Old Welsh Line Roads by Franklin L.Burns
9Berwyn M. E. Church by Ruth J. Moore
Local Titles in Easttown and Tredyffrin Article IV:
16John Prick, David Ryan and Part of Pennsylvania Railroad Tracts in Easttown by Howard S. Okie
18Resolution on the Passing of Dr. Anthony Wayne Baugh
19The Welsh Tract by S. Paul Teamer
Volume 2 Number 2 — April 1939
25Editorial by Howard S. Okie
26The Blue Ball Tavern at Daylesford by Mary G. Croasdale
29The Frazers of Thornbury in Revolutionary Times by Franklin L. Burns
37Club Events - Annual Banquet
Local Titles in Easttown and Tredyffrin Article V:
38The Joseph C. Smith Tract by Howard S. Okie
41The Aboriginal Inhabitants of Chester County by J. Aldon Mason
44Wayne's Last Great Service for His Country by S. Paul Teamer
50Club Events - Public Lecture
Volume 2 Number 3 — July 1939
New Light on the Encampment of the Continental Army at Valley Forge
by Franklin L. Burns
52The Morale of the Continental Army During the Pennsylvania Campaign
54The Main Camp at Valley Forge
55The Amities and Diversions of Camp Life
59The American Outposts on the West Side of the Schuylkill
75The Last Ten Days
Volume 2 Number 4 — October 1939
81Editorial by S. Paul Teamer
82Old Carr School by Mildred F. Bradley
88Copy Civil War Poster
90Old Lancaster Road - part 1 by Boyle Irwin and Howard S. Okie
102Forest Primeval by Franklin L. Burns
103The October Trip
104The Stone Chimney Picket by S. Paul Teamer
107Index - Volume I, 1937-38
108Index - Volume II, 1939
BCThe Stone Chimney Picket poem by Mildred F. Bradley

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