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Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society
History Quarterly Digital Archives
Volume 18 — 1980

Volume 18 Number 1 — January 1980
3Diamond Rock School by Walter J. Lutz
15When Wharton Esherick Had His Studio in Paoli by Bob Goshorn
21Valley Forge in Perspective by Jacqueline Thibaut
30In Memoriam: Gabriel Church Randolph
31Notes and Comments
Volume 18 Number 2 — April 1980
35Stories from Under the Stones by Chester T. Winters
53Some Advice on Poultry Raising from the Manager of Chesterbrook Farm
55When the Big Apple Line Ran in Easttown Township by Bob Goshorn
61Sawmills During the American Revolution by Douglas Maryott
63Blacksmithing and How it Helped Us Win the Revolutionary War by Steve Pearson
65Notes and Comments
Volume 18 Number 3 — July 1980
69Letters of John Craig and Katie Newlin by Elinor Janney Detterline
82An Early Plea for Traffic Laws in Paoli
83When the Philadelphia Folk Festival Was Held in Paoli by Bob Goshorn
89Dating Old Barns by Ann Snider
96Notes and Comments
Volume 18 Number 4 — October 1980
103Tredyffrin Easttown High School During the First World War Years by George B. Roberts
111Eighteenth Century Burials in St. Peter's Churchyard by Elizabeth Rumrill
116Berwyn Gets a Boardwalk by from the Daily Local News
117Politics, Politics, What Fun by Grace Winthrop
119When a Presidential Candidate Campaigned in Paoli by Bob Goshorn
123Thomas Lacey Smith 1805-1875 by Dorothy I. Lansing M.D.
128Notes and Comments
130Index to Volume XVIII

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