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Source: October 1980 Volume 18 Number 4, Pages 116–116

Berwyn Gets a Boardwalk

as reported in the West Chester Daily Local News

Page 116

One of the improvements in Berwyn one hundred years ago was the construction of a boardwalk, or sidewalk, along Church Avenue

Its progress was reported in the West Chester Daily Local News

From the July 28, 1880 issue:

"The substantial plank footway on Church Avenue, Berwyn, was laid at an expense of $75 or thereabouts. It was paid for by our leading citizens. The hat was handed around and cash contributed with a freedom which characterizes the public-spirited people who idolize this growing village."

On August 2, 1880:

"The village committee on the Church Avenue board walk have presented their official report, viz: Collected $68.50, expended $68.50. The committee have received all but $5.50 of the amount subscribed. The walk will be continued when the treasury of the committee is again swollen to the proper dimensions. Several of our prominent citizens, many of whom had not handled carpenter tools for many a year, volunteered a day's work, and the committee properly calls attention to the fact in their written report, which has been posted for public inspection at the railroad station."

And a year later, on August 25, 1881:

"A subscription list is being circulated in Berwyn for sufficient funds to lay a boardwalk from the drug store to the post-office, in that place."


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