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Source: July 1980 Volume 18 Number 3, Pages 68–68


Page 68

Elinor Detterline, despite the fact that she moved to Maine last year, has continued her active interest in the Tredyffrin Easttown History Club, of which she is a past president. She also had another article from old family letters in the April 1973 issue of the Quarterly (Vol. XVI, No. 2).

The Main Line Limited, from which the item on the need for traffic laws in Paoli is taken, was published by the Berwyn Printing Company, at the corner of Lancaster and Knox avenues in Berwyn. Published every Thursday, the first issue appeared on July 18, 1901. Its editor and manager was W. Guy Freeman.

Bob Goshorn's article on the Folk Festivals in Paoli is based on telephone conversations with Mrs. C. Colket Wilson III and with Ed Halpern (of the Philadelphia Folksong Society), and also on material from the program booklets of each year's festival; Tredyffrin Township records; newspaper accounts in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Wayne Suburban, and West Chester Daily Local News; and on Gene Shay's jacket notes for Prestige Records' two-record album of the first year's festival.

Ann Snider, author of the article on dating old barns, is an amateur architectural historian and chairman of East Marlboro Township's architectural inventory when she isn't busy as administrative assistant to the Tredyffrin Township Zoning Officer. She has also worked on the historic sites survey in Tredyffrin Township.

For additional information on barns, she suggests Bernice Ball's Barns of Chester County, Eric Sloane's An Age of Barns, What Style is It? by John Popplier, Marshall Jones' Barns, The Pennsylvania Barn by Alfred Shoemaker, and Dudley and Witmer's Barns.


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