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Source: April 1980 Volume 18 Number 2, Pages 34–34


Page 34

Chester T. Winters, whose delightful article on the Baptist Church in the Great Valley leads off this issue of the Quarterly, is the minister of that Church. He has served the community as its minister for more than a quarter of a century, having taken the position in 1953.

Many readers may still recall watching and enjoying the live-steammodel trains, featured in this issue's "Can You Remember?" piece by Bob Goshorn, when the Pennsylvania Live Steamers were operating in Easttown Township. A special thank you goes to Adrian "Doc" Buyse of Strafford, an active member of the PLS, for his assistance and generosity in making available his source material and notes in the preparation of this article. The illustrations are used through the courtesy of Model Railroading magazine.

Incidentally, visitors are still welcome at the "open house" demon­strations held by the club in its present location in Rahns.

It is always gratifying to note an interest in our local history and heritage on the part of the younger generation. The two articles on colonial trades and industries — sawmills and blacksmithing — were written by sixth grade pupils at the Hillside Elementary School.

One of the early sawmills in this area was operated in Cabbagetown (later Waterloo Mills) by John Morris, from 1768 to 1774. There were also numerous early blacksmiths in both townships at inns, such as at Howellville or the Spread Eagle, and at various crossroads corners.


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