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Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society
History Quarterly Digital Archives
Volume 43 — 2006

Volume 43 Number 1 — Winter 2006
2From the EditorAbout the covers
3“Citizens to Save Valley Forge” by Robert Toland, Jr.
9The Homegoing of Miss Mazie Hall by Roger D. Thorne
10Great Valley Area Limestone Quarries Part 3: Valley Forge Quarries and Port Kennedy by Joyce A. Post
26Port Kennedy Bone Cave Remains by Mike Bertram
27Evolution of Chester County Architecture by Seth Hinshaw
39Notes and Comments
40Then... & Now: Lancaster Turnpike and Howellville Road, Berwyn
Volume 43 Number 2 — Spring 2006
42From the EditorAbout the covers
43Private Schools in Easttown Township, 1865 – 1965 by C. Herbert Fry
52Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society Website: www.tehistory.org
53Thomas Jones, Colonial Farmer and Carpenter by Mike Bertram
62Real Colonial Women Don't Weave Cloth by Kathy King
71James G. Matthews, Matthews Ford, Matthews Family by Joyce A. Post and C. Herbert Fry
73In Memoriam, Betty Jane Wieder Haney
73Notes and Comments
76Then... & Now: Warren Shops, Malvern
Volume 43 Number 3 — Summer 2006
78From the EditorAbout the covers
79Valley Forge Music Fair by Joyce A. Post
84General Washington's Housekeeper by Nancy K. Loane
88The Excavations at Valley Forge Station by Mike Bertram
89An Old House and a Dig: Discovering the History of a House in the Valley by Joyce A. Post
99Selected Notes from Township Supervisors' Minutes compiled by Jolene Buffman
102Notes and Comments
104Then... & Now: Surrey Services for Seniors
Volume 43 Number 4 — Fall 2006
106From the EditorAbout the covers
107The Blue Ball Inn of Tredyffrin by Caroline Hager
112The Plank Family and Plank Avenue of Paoli by Gerald Schneider, Bonnie Haughey, Joyce A. Post
119Scenes Along the Chester Valley Railroad in Tredyffrin by James Brazel
127Sand, Railways and Movies: The Bean Family Business by Mike Bertram
118Notes and Comments
134Index to Volume 43
136Then... & Now: Wynburne Inn, Berwyn

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