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Volume 26 — 1988

Volume 26 Number 1 — January 1988
3The Constitution: A Lawyer's Perspective by Ronald C. Nagle
10As We Were : An "Outsider's" View by Robert Warner
13The Theodore Ricks Memorial Cemetery by Hob Borgson
19A Portfolio of Old Bill Forms
25Sunnybrook Ballroom by Bob Goshorn
35Recollections of Sunnybrook by Herbert Fry
37Notes and Comments
Volume 26 Number 2 — April 1988
41Early Presbyterians in Berwyn by Barbara Fry
50The Burns Family by Peggy Egertson
55Roses are Red / Violets are Blue: A "Sampler" from Friendship Albums
69A Brief History of Greenwood Farm by J. Randall Cotton
71"A Proper Concern" : The PQ Corporation by John J. Curtin
79April Showers by Bob Goshorn
80Notes and Comments
Volume 26 Number 3 — July 1988
83Remembering Berwyn in the Late 1920s by George Moran
90Medicine in the Revolutionary War by Skip Eichner
105A Legacy of John Alden Mason by Elizabeth Goshorn
117When the Lincoln Highway was an Airstrip by Bob Goshorn
119Notes and Comments
Volume 26 Number 4 — October 1988
123Chesterbrook Stock Farm by Francis Nelson Barksdale
127Where We Voted in the 18th and 19th Century by Bob Goshorn
141Old Eagle School by Marie Sutcliffe
145A Portfolio of Old Bill Forms: II
149A Road from the Great Valley to the Lancaster Turnpike by Hob Borgson
158Notes and Comments
161Index to Volume XXVI

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