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Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society
History Quarterly Digital Archives
Volume 21 — 1983

Volume 21 Number 1 — January 1983
3The Chester County Archives by Jack McCarthy
11The Will and Estate of General Anthony Wayne from the County Archives
17When the Record Snowfall Buried the Upper Main Line
20Club Members Remember: The Record Storm of 1958
27When Harry and Abbie James were Found Murdered near Berwyn by Bob Goshorn
38Notes and Comments
Volume 21 Number 2 — April 1983
43General Pasquale de Paoli from James Boswell's Memoirs of Pascal Paoli
51Diamond Rock School: A Picture Portfolio by Linda McNeil
61Queen of the Range - Murray's Cake Baking Contests by Bob Goshorn
69Club Members Remember: Some Games We Used to Play
75Notes and Comments
Volume 21 Number 3 — July 1983
79History of St. John's Presbyterian Church by Eva D. Noll
85Club Members Remember: Firecrackers on the Fourth of July
91Dating the Van Leer Cabin by Priscilla L. Cox Southwell
97When the Valley Forge Military Academy was Located in Devon by Bob Goshorn
103The Bartram Bridge by Anna Bartram
105The Last Year of Separate High Schools in Tredyffrin and Easttown Townships from Chester County Hand Book
108Notes and Comments
Volume 21 Number 4 — October 1983
113West Chester Football Games by Bob Goshorn
127The "Original" Wilson Home by Conrad Wilson
133The 1823 Agricultural Fair in Paoli
137Day Life on a Family Farm at the turn of the Century by Annie Potts Walker
147Notes and Comments
149Index to Volume XXI

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