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Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society
History Quarterly Digital Archives
Volume 5 — 1942-43

Volume 5 Number 1 — Spring 1942
3Total War in Defense of Life, Liberty, and Religious Freedom
4The Berwyn Lookout or Observation Post
5Our Citizen Air Raid Defense Wardens
6Local War Gardens
7The Paoli Branch of the American Red Cross by Ruth D. L. Mansley
10The Berwyn Knitting Class
11Extension of the University of Pennsylvania Into Tredyffrin by Howard S. Okie
12Reminiscent of Quakerism by Franklin L. Burns
13The Great Valley Baptist Cemetery - part 1 by T-E History Club Volunteers
Volume 5 Number 2 — Autumn 1942
26The Old Lancaster or Conestoga Road - part 3 by Boyle Irwin and Howard S. Okie
37The Sorrel Horse Toast by Franklin L. Burns
38The Great Valley Baptist Cemetery - part 2 by T-E History Club Volunteers
Volume 5 Number 3 — Spring 1943
50The Story of the Glassley Commons by Franklin L. Burns
60From the Pen of the Secretary by Mrs. William T. Mansley
62The Wilberforce Anti-Slavery Society by George P. Orr
67Extracts from Early Newspapers
68George Washington Lewis
69Reverend Leonard Fletcher
70Summary of the Activities of the Paoli Branch, American Red Cross
72Officers and Committees for the Year 1943
Volume 5 Number 4 — Autumn 1943
73Weavers and Weaving in Tredyffrin-Easttown compiled by Myrtle Wandless
77Local Textile Mills by Franklin L. Burns
81The First Baptist Church of Berwyn by Ruth J. Moore
83The Christiana Riot by George P. Orr
91Advertisement - 1735/6
91Indenture for Five Years Personal Service
92The Great Valley Baptist Cemetery - part 3 by T-E History Club Volunteers

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