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Source: 1943 Volume 5 Number 4, Page 91


Page 91

No. 845, The American Weekly Mercury, from Tuesday, March 2, to Tuesday, March 9, 1735/6, H. S. P., 3rd page, 2 column.

Ran-away on the 3d of March, Inst. from his Master Richard Hughes, Inn keeper, at the Sign of the Three Tons, in Merion, in Philadelphia County, an Irish Servant man, named Edward Brown, a Skinner and Glover by Trade, of a middle Stature, bottle-nos'd, and is about 44 years of Age. He had on when he went away, a dark brown homespun Coat something too wide, a serge dove colour'd wastcoat, and striped Flanel Jacket, two homespun Shirts, leather Breeches with brass Buttons, three pair of yarn Stockings, good old Shoes new Tapp'd, with Bath-metal Buckles, a double worsted Cap, and half wore Felt Hat. Has short black Hair. Whoever takes up the said Servant Man, and secures him so as his said Master may have him again, shall have Thirty Shillings Reward and reasonable charges, paid by Richard Hughes.

The above advertisement was supplied by our former member, the late Charles B. Montgomery, as of interest in the series of articles on the Old Lancaster or Conestoga Road. It was one of his many acts of kindness to his host of friends.

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On Record at Media, in Deed Book F, Page 104
This Indenture Witnesseth that Ealee a negro Woman hath put herself and by these presents doth voluntarily and of her own free Will and accord put herself a servant to Abram See of the County of Delaware in the State of Penna. to learn the Art, trade and Mystery of housewifery and after the manner of a servant to serve the said Abram See his heirs and assigns from the day of the date hereof, for end during and to the end and term of five years next ensuing. During all which term the said servant her master faithfully shall serve, his secrets keep, his lawful commands everywhere obey. She shall do no damage to her said Master, nor see it be done by others without letting or giving notice thereof to her said Master, She shall not waste her Masters goods nor lend them unlawfully to any. She shall not commit fornication nor contract Matrimony within the said term. She shall not play at cards, dice or any other unlawful game, Whereby her said Master may have damage with her own goods, nor the goods of others without license from her said Master. She shall neither buy nor sell. She shall not absent herself day or night from her said Masters service without his leave, nor haunt ale houses, taverns nor play horses, but in all things behave herself as a faithful servant ought to do, during the said term. And he the said Master shall use the utmost of his endeavor to teach or cause to be taught or instructed the said servant in the trade or mystery of housewifery and procure and provide for her sufficient meat, drink, cloths, lodging and washing fitting for a servant during the said term of five years and give her two suits of cloths when free and one of them shall be now, And for the true performance of all and singular the covenants and agreements aforesaid the said parties bind themselves unto the other firmly by these presents,
In Witness whereof the said parties have interchangeably set their seals hereunto. Dated the 24th day of March A. D. 1802
Signed her
March A. D. 1802 Ealee X a Negroe


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