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Source: 1942 Volume 5 Number 1, Page 10

The Berwyn knitting class

Page 10

After a fashion of its own, history indeed repeats itself. Long series of prosperous years have passed since Margaret Beaver, Jane and Elizabeth Moore, Priscilla and Elizabeth Stephens, Sarah Walker, and other charitable Quaker dames spun the yarn and knit warm woolen stockings for the barefoot boys encamped at Valley Forge. Fortunately, Uncle Sam is now rich enough to outfit our soldier boys with everything necessary for their comfort and well being. The War Department has broadcast the advice that at this time hand-knit garments are neither needed nor desired.

Nevertheless, home knitting goes on, since our needy British cousins over the sea gladly receive all such offerings. On July 16, 1941, the Berwyn Knitting Class was once more called into active service by Miss Mary A. Bair, The Misses Bair, Lillian Burns, Lillian Endicott, Stella Millar, and Mrs. Minerva Standring had served with a similar organization during the first World War, and formed the nucleus of the present class.

The new members include the Misses Alphonsine Barrow, Mary Ross, Catherine Sagebeer, Marion and Florence Standring; Mesdames Bernard, Bomberger, Cuzzort, Davies, and Kehoe. They meet regularly every Tuesday afternoon at "Hillcrest", in far more luxuriant surroundings than the Quaker goodwives of long ago, but we can well imagine that they deliver the finished garments with no greater pride in workmanship than the sedate ladies of old.

Up to January 20, 1942, the Class has turned in to the local branch of the Red Cross 243 sweaters, 21 toddlers' suits, 17 sweater suits, 12 sleeveless army sweaters, 18 pairs socks, and 2 scarfs, none of which have been rejected or required doing over. Doubtless the tedium of the self-imposed task is lifted when the members gather in the open on a warm day beside the pool and sunken garden, there to knit, to gossip, or maybe to don bathing suits and plunge into the cool water, thereby gaining keen appetites for the refreshments to follow. Let pleasure accompany duty while it may, and more power to the fair knitters and their generous hostesses.

On a warm day the members gather beside the pool


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