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Source: 1942 Volume 5 Number 2, Page 25


As a model of intensive and successful research work, we recommend the paper in this issue of the Quarterly which contains the result of the combined efforts of Boyle Irwin and Howard S. Okie, Esq., to visualize a section of the Old Lancaster Road and its Taverns in early times.

Years have passed since our beloved fellow townsman, Reverend Quimby, queried, "Just where was the Plow Tavern located?" and, since the Delaware County historians and our own Dr. Sachse did not enlighten us in any of their publications, we could only pass the buck: "Oh, somewhere along the Old Lancaster Road between the Buck and the Spread Eagle."

Ashmead, Sachse, Quimby, et al, have long since passed into the Great Beyond without having solved the mystery, and it has been reserved to two members of our Club the honor of having answered the question in an entirely authentic and satisfactory manner, and, from the mass of material they have unearthed appertaining to the Unicorn and Miles' Taverns, they very properly interrogate the status of these two apparently separate establishments.

There must be unusual persistence and vitality in the collaboration of the civil engineering and legal professions. Read and preserve this article, for it may well become a local classic.

F. L. B.


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