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Source: 1943 Volume 5 Number 3, Page 67

Extracts from early newspapers

Lost in Philadelphia

A Crimson Silk Umbrella, with forked brass mountings, was left somewhere in this city, by a gentleman who cannot recollect the house. Whoever has the Same in possession, are requested to send it to the French Consul's, in Arch-street, for which they will receive the thanks of the owner.
Penna. Gazette, May 30, 1781.

Philadelphia March 12.
On the 3rd instant was killed by John George, butcher in this city, the largest and fattest ox that has been seen in this province, or perhaps on the continent. The whole weight of him was 2433 lbs. The beef alone weighed 1616 lbs, he was bred and raised by James Bratton in Chester County, was seven years old, and cost fifty pounds.
The South Carolina Gazette, No. 1652, April 27, 1767.

Between the 26th of May, and the 26th of Aug. died, in Philadelphia, five widows, the aggregate of whose ages is 463 years. The youngest of them had counted 90 summers before she had arrived at the "house appointed for all living".
South Carolina Gazette, November 7, 1785.


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