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Source: 1943 Volume 5 Number 4, Page 92

The Great Valley Baptist Cemetery

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Page 92

(Continued from Vol. V, No. 2)

JOKES, David & Nattie. Infant sons Nathaniel & Sallie.
Eliza. d. 9/25/1825; aged 14 years. "An orphan"
Eliza P. wife James & dau. James Rindhart, 7/3/1809 - 8/31/1848.
Eliza Todd. wife Thomas, 12/20/1793 - 1/14/1862. "Her trust was in Jesus"
Elizabeth. dau. Thos. & Eliza, d. 12/25/1854; aged 3l/4.

"Farewell conflicting hopes and fears
Where light and shadow alternate dwell
Farewell inconstant world farewell
Life's labor done as sink the day
Light from its load the spirit flies
How blest righteous when he died."

Elizabeth. dau. Nath. & Christena, 12/3/1784 - 11/29/1860.
"And there shall be no night there."
Emma Caroline. wife Enoch, d. 10/8/1892; aged 61 years.
Enoch. d. 7/20/1820; aged 68/5/7.

"I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. So then it is not of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy. So then it is not of him that wiliest Nor of him that runneth but of God who showest mercy."

Enoch. d. 7/20/1822; aged 68/5/2.
Enoch. d. 3/12/1893; aged 72 years.
Eugeno Kincard. son Thomas & Eliza, d. 11/6/1831; aged 18/3

"My brother shall rise again" John XI
"Brother thou art gone to rest Thine is an early tomb
But Jesus summoned thee away Thy Saviour called thee home."

Griffith. d. 11/25/1753; aged 82 years.
Griffith. d. 4/18/1796; aged 60 years.
Hannah. wife Samuel, d. 10/22/1784; aged 68 years.
Hannah. wife Griffith, d. 9/15/1793; aged 52nd year.
Hannah P. d. 9/18/1893; 97th year.
Henrietta C. 1865 - 1939.
James. son Nathaniel, 7/8/1800 - 8/2/1848.
Joanna P. 7/13/1805 - 1/13/1883.
John. (Obliterated), also John. (No inscription)
John D. Architect, son Joshua & Nancy, 2/10/1815 - 1/8/1844.
Jonathan. 10/28/1801 - 8/25/1845. (Joint stone with Joanna)
Joshua. son Nath. & Christena, 10/17/1787 - 4/20/1855.
Joshua, Jr. Youngest son Joshua & Nancy, 10/2/1824 - 7/26/1856.
Martha. relict late Rev'd Thomas, d. 6/9/1799; 93rd year.

"There is a bed of rest for me
There I do lie most quietly
Waiting in hope the Morn of bliss
To rise and be where Jesus is."

Mary. wife Thomas, d. 2/18/1744; aged 20 years.
Mary. d. 12/26/1748; aged 23 years.
Mary. 7/28/1788 - 3/22/1867.
Mary Ann. 6/13/1827 - 7/25/1898.
Mary Sturgess. wife Westley.N., 2/3/1814 - 12/8/1855.
Nancy. wife Joshua & dau. Dr. John Davis, 6/6/1792 - 10/25/1832.

"With the redeemed enjoy thy rest
Remained from blessing to be blest."

Nathaniel. 2/15/1790 - 5/25/1855.
Nathaniel. d. 3/21/1803; aged 40 years.

(To be Continued)


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