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Source: 1943 Volume 5 Number 3, Page 49


The question which most readily comes to mind and may be asked by some of our readers is in regard to the wisdom or advisability of the continuation of our Quarterly, and whether the quality of the literature offered by the Tredyffrin- Easttown History Club is worthwhile on the home front for the duration of this mad war for and against humanity, religion, modern civilization and world dominion.

Our answer is that it is our firm conviction that it is of more importance than ever before that our historians, in their spare time from an "All Out", should spread the honorable history of our Nation and our Communities. It would seem to us necessary and proper that our people should be well-informed and familiar with our past that they might the better prosecute the war to its successful finality and thereafter cherish and safeguard our Country to a lasting peace.

It is evident that this war will continue until we win, and past experiences assure us that before that happy event takes place we may suffer from a large overdose of conflicting war bulletins, during which time it may be a relief to the home folks to turn occasionally to something more tangible and soothing to the nerves.


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