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Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society
History Quarterly Digital Archives
Volume 6 — 1944-47

Volume 6 Number 1 — Annual 1944
1The Great Valley Mill by Franklin L. Burns
7Local Biographies by J. Alden Mason
8Dr. Jacob Rickabaugh by George B. Roberts
10The Thomas Jarman's Mill Road by Howard S. Okie
23The Burial of General Anthony Wayne at St. Davids by Crosswell McBee, D.D.
Volume 6 Number 2 — Annual 1945
25Recollections of Berwyn by Wayne J. Pennell
35Anthony Wayne Baugh, M.D. by Franklin L. Burns, Mary W. Baugh
37The Berwyn Observation Post by F. Alfred Patton
39A Local Indian Camp Site by J. Alden Mason
40The Wayne School by Mildred F. Bradley
42The Great Valley Baptist Cemetery - part 4 by Club Volunteers
Volume 6 Number 3 — Spring 1947
45In Memoriam Notices for Franklin L. Burns and R. Brognard Okie
46Franklin Lorenzo Burns by J. Alden Mason
49Franklin L. Burns, the Ornithologist by Charles E. Mohr
51Historical Writings of Franklin Burns
52Richardson Brognard Okie by Howard S. Okie
54Philadelphia Directories by Phoebe P. Prime
64Recollections of a Village Shoemaker by Ruth Moore Styer
68Ramblings of the Club by Winona C. Erickson
Volume 6 Number 4 — November 1947
69Editorial by George P. Orr
70Dr. James Aiken by Ruth Moore Styer, Daisy Aiken Van Tries
75Notes on the Berwyn Library by Margaretta Atkinson
81The Broomall Rock Shelters by J. Alden Mason
89Index - Volume V, 1942-1943
90Index - Volume VI, 1944-1947

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