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Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society
History Quarterly Digital Archives
Volume 3 — 1940

Volume 3 Number 1 — January 1940
1Editorial by S. Paul Teamer
2Aboriginal Archeological Sites In Chester County by J. Alden Mason
13The Old Lancaster or Conestoga Road - part 2 by Boyle Irwin and Howard S. Okie
22Spoons And A Little Spooning by Pheobe P. Prime
24Soliloquy in an Antique Shop (poem) by Pheobe P. Prime
BCOne Sunday Afternoon poem by William T. Mansley
Volume 3 Number 2 — April 1940
26Editorial by Franklin L. Burns
27The Invasion of Tredyffrin by Franklin L. Burns
31When the Redcoats came marching down the valley into Tredyffrin
42Post Offices in Easttown, Part II: Waterloo Mills, Leopard, and Devon by Katherine Stroh
Local Titles in Easttown and Tredyffrin Article VI:
45The Stephen Hunter Tract by Howard S. Okie
47A Varied Program by Mildred F. Bradley
Volume 3 Number 3 — July 1940
FCSamuel Paul Teamer - A Memory
49Resolution on the Death of Professor S. Paul Teamer
50In Memoriam - Samuel Paul Teamer by Ruth J. Moore
52The Archeological Expedition to Panama by J. Alden Mason
58The Invasion of Tredyffrin by Franklin L. Burns
EPThe Tarleton Oak poem by Edith Wood Powell
Volume 3 Number 4 — October 1940
74Old Philadelphia Days and Doings by Phoebe P. Prime
83Washington's Prayer
84Battle of the Clouds by S. Paul Teamer
86Field Trips - Past And Future
87The Archeological Expedition to Panama (II) by J. Alden Mason
93The Washington's Crossing Trip by Donald L. Snively
95Travelgwyn by Franklin L. Burns
100In September

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