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Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society
History Quarterly Digital Archives
Volume 30 — 1992

Volume 30 Number 1 — January 1992
3Some Random Recollections of the Mack Oil Company by Herb McCorry
11Our First Road Map? by Bob Goshorn
15Seven Road Petitions from the Chester County Archives
21Our "Ambassadors of Good Will": The Conestoga Marching Band at the Rose Bowl Parade by Hob Borgson
27Garbage and Street Lights in Berwyn from the Minutes of the Berwyn Citizens' Association
36Notes and Comments
Volume 30 Number 2 — April 1992
41"Under Whatever Name It May Go": The Vehicles on the Lancaster Turnpike by Hob Borgson
53Farms in the Great Valley and Southeastern Pennsylvania in the 18th Century by Bob Goshorn
63The Tredyffrin Association by Herb Fry
71Club Members Remember Simple Pleasures
82Notes and Comments
Volume 30 Number 3 — July 1992
87The Amusement Park on the Trolley Line by Herb Fry
101The Episcopal Academy Campus at Devon by Steve Dittman
107Milestones in the History of the Berwyn Methodist Church by Shirley P. Hough
117General Pasquale Paoli and Corsica: At the Heart of Three Revolutions by Georges Coanet
122In Memoriam: Mildred T. Erdman
123In Memoriam: Clarence F. "Jerry" Slaymaker
124Notes and Comments
Volume 30 Number 4 — October 1992
129Sacred Places by Warren D. Beach
133Come Let Us Sing of the Hero Bold by Bob Goshorn
153Easttown Woods : Berwyn's First Post World War II Housing Development by Herb Fry
161Living in Easttown Woods In Its Early Years by Barbara Fry
166In Memoriam: Walter T. Weaver
167Notes and Comments: Arch at Valley Forge Dedicated 75 Years Ago
171Index to Volume XXXI

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