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Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society
History Quarterly Digital Archives
Volume 28 — 1990

Volume 28 Number 1 — January 1990
3Some Distinguished Neighbors
5Charles Scott by Nelson Klose
6William Woodford by Lloyd Magill
7Louis LeBegue DuPortail by Skip Eichner
7Charles Lee by Bob Goshorn
9William Lord Stirling by Janet Malin
11The Marquis de Lafayette by Eleanor Chworowsky
12William Maxwell by Herb Fry
13Henry Knox by Leighton Haney
14Casimir Pulaski by Barbara Fry
16Enoch Poor by Richardson Onderdonk
17James Potter by Elizabeth Goshorn
18John Sullivan by Bob Ward and Bob Goshorn
20Johann DeKalb by Betty Haney
21Anthony Wayne by Bob Goshorn
23The Paoli Chapel / Library
24The Presbyterian Sabbath School and the Early Years of the First Presbyterian Church in Paoli by Barbara Fry
28The Paoli Library by Mimi Lang
31Restoring the Building by William E. Riggs
35A Portfolio of Old Bill Forms : III
41Notes and Comments: A Letter from Charleston by Grace Winthrop
Volume 28 Number 2 — April 1990
45Teachable Moments by Beverly Sheppard
50Keeping Track of How We Have Grown: 200 Years of U.S. Census Taking by Hob Borgson
63The Upper Main Line News by Bob Goshorn
76The Start of My Newspaper Career by Marge Worth Farra
79Lilac Farm by Janet Malin
81Notes and Comments
Volume 28 Number 3 — July 1990
85History on a Sign Post by Barbara Fry, Bob Goshorn, Herb Fry, Frank Moorshead
97Recreating Lenape Indian Crafts by Ruth Gold West
103Where Crows Came Home to Roost by Franklin L. Burns
107The Knox Covered Bridge by A Pictorial Portfolio
115The Nike Base on Diamond Rock Hill by Hob Borgson
120Notes and Comments
Volume 28 Number 4 — October 1990
125The Kitchen Cupboard Pharmacy by Club Members
133Popular Sheet Music: A Reflection of the Times by Peggy Egertson
143County Certification and the National Register of Historic Places by Jane L. S. Davidson
149Boyle Irwin : A Memoir by Janet Irwin Malin
155History on a Sign Post II by Eleanor Chworowsky, Mary R. Ives, Bob Goshorn
160In Memoriam: George W. Winthrop
161In Memoriam: Frederick J. Roye
162Notes and Comments
165Index to Volume XXVIII

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