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Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society
History Quarterly Digital Archives
Volume 22 — 1984

Volume 22 Number 1 — January 1984
3Glimpses of the History of St. Peter's Church by Elizabeth Rumrill
11Club Members Remember: Winter's Snow and Ice
17Some Early Landholders in Tredyffrin by Robert L. Ward
25Five Boys Eat Apple Dumplings by Bob Goshorn
29Day-to-Day Life on a Family Farm at the Turn of the Century (II) by Annie Potts Walker
35A Luncheon at "Chesterbrook" by Frances Ligget
36Notes and Comments
39In Memoriam: Charles J. Erickson
40In Memoriam: Florence W. Barnes
Volume 22 Number 2 — April 1984
43The Conestoga Wagon by Leighton Haney
51Drover Wayne
55In the Welsh Tradition: Welsh Folk Beliefs and Superstitions from the Encyclopedia of Superstitions
67"The Champion Cow of the World" by Bob Goshorn
72A May-Day Festival from the American Republican
77Notes and Comments
Volume 22 Number 3 — July 1984
81Newtown Square Friends Meeting by Conrad Wilson
89The Stage Coach by Grace Winthrop
95The Horse-Shoe Trail by Bob Goshorn
103Sky Rockets at Devon from the Daily Local News
105Day-to-Day Life on a Family Farm at the Turn of the Century (Concluded) by Annie Potts Walker
111Notes and Comments: Quilting the Past by Barbara Fry
Volume 22 Number 4 — October 1984
119Great Valley Presbyterian Church by Mary Robertson Ives
124The Wilsons and Great Valley Presbyterian Church by Eleanor Dunwoody Chworovsky
125Devon Inn by Bob Goshorn
139Election Campaigns in the Nineteenth Century from contemporary newspaper accounts
147A Furness Barn in Tredyffrin by Anne H. Cook
152In Memoriam: Joseph Janney Read
153Notes and Comments
155Index to Volume XXII

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