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Source: July 1984 Volume 22 Number 3, Page 80


Page 80

Conrad Wilson's article on the Newtown Meeting was transcribed from the talk he gave at the Club's May meeting. The meeting was held at the old meetinghouse, with several, persons interested in the preservation of the Meeting also present as guests.

The next article, on the stage coach, was described by its author, Grace Winthrop, as "a sort of follow-up of Leighton Haney's piece on the Conestoga wagon" that appeared in the previous issue. Her paper, a by-product of her extensive research on old inns, was originally presented at the Club's meeting in March.

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of The Horse-Shoe Trail, a trail for hikers and horseback riders that runs from Valley Forge to the Appalachian Trail, and passes through Tredyffrin Township. Both Margaret Chalfant, the secretary of The Horse-Shoe Trail Club, and John Goff, a former Trailmaster, were extremely helpful in the preparation of our next feature as we give recognition to the Trail's Golden Anniversary,

A year ago we observed that the Fourth of July isn't what it used to be - and the description of the fireworks display at the Devon Inn in 1887 is just further evidence on the point!

In this issue we also conclude a full year of the daily reports of the day-to-day happenings on a family farm at the turn of the century, as recorded by Annie Potts Walker.


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