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Source: October 1984 Volume 22 Number 4, Page 124

The Wilsons and Great Valley Presbyterian Church

Eleanor Dunwoody Chworovsky

Page 124

The Wilson family has been associated with Great Valley Presbyterian Church since at least the mid-1700's. When the Great Valley Church was incorporated on November 22, 1788, one of the twelve trustees was David Wilson. It is interesting to note how many of the descendents of this trustee have taken positions of leadership in the work of the church.

Three have been elders: John R. Wilson (1860-1870), Henry R. Wilson (1885-1931), and C. Colket Wilson (1913-1929). Two were deacons: Edward S. Wilson (1860-1887) and Charles D. Wilson (1919-1956). Seven were trustees: David Wilson Jr. (1825- ?; 1859-1870), Edward S. Wilson (1858-1871), Henry R. Wilson (1877-1931), C. Colket Wilson (1907-1929), David Wilson (1910-1924), Edward G. Wilson (1932-1937), and Charles D. Wilson (1937-1953), with C. Colket Wilson also serving as president of the Board of Trustees from 1918 to 1929.

Edward S. Wilson and Henry R. Wilson were also church treasurers, the latter from 1887 to 1931. Marion D. Wilson and Dorothy S. Wilson were church organists. From 1913 to 1928 Henry R. Wilson was superintendent of Sunday School, and Mrs. Henry R. Wilson was the superintendent of the Primary Department and organizer of the "Little Mothers' Mission Band". Four Wilsons were president of the Missionary Society: Miss Mollie Wilson, Mrs. Edward S. Wilson, Mrs. Henry R. Wilson, and Mrs. Charles D. Wilson, while Miss Alice Wilson was the treasurer of the Missionary Society from 1937 to 1957.

Mention should also be made of the excellent Alphabetical Bible verses arranged by Mrs. Henry R. Wilson. They were used in our Sunday School from the early 1930's to the late 1950's, at least.

At least four Wilsons also sang in the choir. To this list could be added countless Sunday School teachers who, with the leaders already listed above, have done their part in carrying on the work of this historic church. We are deeply indebted to them.


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