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Source: January 1984 Volume 22 Number 1, Page 2


Page 2

The glimpses of the history of St. Peter's Church were originally written by Libby Rumrill for the Church's weekly bulletin. Miss Rumrill is currently the historian for St. Peter's in the Great Valley.

In the next feature, club members remember the joys of sledding and ice skating and sleigh rides, and the problems of getting through the snow and ice to school or to church. With predictions of milder winters for the next 125 years, together with better snow removal equipment and methods, such experiences may soon be just memories!

Bob Ward's article on early landholders in Tredyffrin was first presented as the program at one of our club meetings last fall. It represents countless hours of research, working with old deeds and land titles.

The next article was also one of our club programs, presented at the summer picnic. If you recall other phrases or acronyms used as memory aids, we'd like to hear from you.

The second installment of Annie Potts Walker's day-by-day record or diary covers the first three months of 1898. Succeeding installments will similarly take us through the spring and summer on a family farm just before the turn of the century.

And, finally, Frances Ligget still chuckles when she recalls her first luncheon at Mrs. J. Packard Laird's "Chesterbrook" a few years ago.


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