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Source: January 1984 Volume 22 Number 1, Page 35

A Luncheon at "Chesterbrook"

Frances Ligget

Page 35

On a Sunday afternoon's drive near Valley Forge in 1926, my husband and I took an unfamiliar road just beyond the Knox covered bridge. We promptly became lost in deep country with old farms and quaint houses, on a road then called Cedar Hollow but since returned to its original name, Yellow Springs Road. The area captured our imagination, and in a short time we found ourselves the owners of two adjoining farms with 246 acres of land. On them were three goodsized dwellings and barns, once owned by the Walkers, Potts, and Currie families.

When we first moved to the Great Valley, a number of our neighbors lived on farms inherited from their ancestors. They still farmed mostly with horse-geared equipment; it may not have been the speediest thing on wheels, but it was picturesque. Newcomers that we were, and green as grass, our new friends opened their hearts and doors to us and bade us welcome.

One of the first parties we attended after moving to the Great Valley was a luncheon at "Chesterbrook", given by Mrs, Packard Laird, She was the widow of Col. Edward B. Cassatt, and after his death had married Dr. Laird, a well-known physician in this area.

At the party we were introduced to a Mrs. Wilson. Having met a few members of this local "dynasty", I ventured to ask from just which Wilson branch she came. With a disarming - and understanding - smile Mrs, Laird answered, "Mrs. Woodrow Wilson!"


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