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Source: April 1984 Volume 22 Number 2, Page 42


Page 42

Leighton Haney's article on the Conestoga wagon is one of three in this issue that was previously presented at a meeting of the Club. Incidentally, it has been suggested that the Conestoga Road running through our two townships was given its name from the many Conestoga wagons that traveled over it.

The second feature, "Drover Wayne", was originally to have been included in the previous issue, in recognition of the birthday of the general on January 1, but it was crowded out by other material. It would not have been much of a birthday present for him anyway!

Meg Fruchter, who did the illustrations for the next article, as well as the cover illustration of mistletoe and corn, is a graduate of Conestoga (and Cornell). She is perhaps better known for her costume designs for a number of the productions of the People's Light and Theater Company, of which she was one of the co-founders.

The source material for Bob Goshorn's article was found in one of the old and dilapidated barns at Chesterbrook Farm, its floor strewn with scattered, water-stained papers of all kinds. From this miscellany came enough information to piece together the story of this remarkable cow and the outstanding production record she set seventy years ago.

Finally, we have the third installment of the day-to-day record that was kept by Annie Potts Walker on the Walker farm in Tredyffrin.


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