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Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society
History Quarterly Digital Archives
Volume 13 — 1964-65

Volume 13 Number 1 — April 1964
2The Swedesford Road by Mrs. Frank Innes, Howard S. Okie
11First Baptist Church, Berwyn by Sarah Pyott
14St. Mary's of the Immaculate Conception by Mary Morelli
17History of New Centerville by Chris Gent
Back CoverSong to the Little Roads
Volume 13 Number 2 — October 1964
26John Wilson's Mansion by Mrs. William L. Nassau,Jr.
32Dr. Richardson B. Okie by Mary G. Croasdale
36Berwyn Methodist Church 1881-1839 by Ruth J. Moore
44Berwyn Methodist Church 1940-1964 by Fannie R. Wandless
Volume 13 Number 3 — April 1965
50Tory Hollow by Conrad Wilson
54Christian Workiser's Steed by Catherine R. T. Porter
56The Paoli Inn
57Pasquale Paoli
58Berwyn Nursery School by Mildred Fisher
62Resolution on the Death of Mrs. P. P. Prime
63Reminiscences of Berwyn by Rev. Carroll H. Yerkes
69Isaac A. Cleaver and the Bee Hive Store by Sara B. Nuzum
Volume 13 Number 4 — October 1965
73Foreword by Myrtle Wandless
74History of Tredyffrin-Easttown History Club, 1936-1938 by Mildred Bradley
78History of the Tredyffrin-Easttown History Club, 1936-1965 by Myrtle Wandless
93Index Vol. XIII

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