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Source: April 1965 Volume 13 Number 3, Page 57

Pasquale Paoli

Page 57

D. O. M. To the memory of Pasquale de Paoli One of the most eminent and most illustrious characters of the age in which he lived. He was born in Corsica April 5, 1725. He was unanimously chosen at the age of 30 Supreme Head of that Island, and died in this Metropolis February 5, 1807, aged 82 years. The early and better part of his life he devoted to the cause of Liberty, nobly maintaining it against the usurpation of Genoese and French Tyranny; by his many splendid achievements, his useful and benevolent institutions, his Patriotic and public zeal manifested upon every occasion. He amongst the few who have merited so glorious a title, most justly deserved to be hailed the Father of his Country. Being obliged by the Superior force of his enemies to retire from Corsica, he sought refuge in this land of liberty and was here most graciously received amidst the general applause of a magnanimous nation into the protection of his Majesty King George III, by whose fostering hand and munificence he not only obtained a safe and honourable asylum but was enabled during the remainder of his days to enjoy the Society of his friends and faithful followers, in affluent and dignified retirement. He expressed to the last moment of his life the most grateful sense of His Majesty's paternal goodness towards him, praying for the preservation of his Sacred Person, and the Prosperity of his dominions.

The above tribute to the Corsican patriot from whom the Paoli Inn was named is graved on a marble memorial tablet in Westminster Abbey, London. It was copied and sent to the Club by Mrs. Louise Kneass on one of her visits abroad, with the additional information that a bust of Paoli rests on the wall above the tablet, and a marble crest showing an arm with dagger below it.


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