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Source: January, 1938 Volume 1 Number 2, Page 1


A. W. Baugh, M.D.

Page 1

Christmas was not so merry in this section one hundred and sixty years ago. The army of patriots encamped at Valley Forge had scant provisions, poor housing, and thin, well-worn uniforms, besides the dread following heavy losses of life at Brandywine, Germantown, and on Paoli field.

Now was it so easy for civilians, who in those early days suffered from excessive strain of labor and privation. They and their fathers had been busy clearing the forests, erecting their homes, tilling the soil with crude home-made implements, and working without all those toil-saving devices which are so necessary in our day.

Now they were in a state of anxiety lest British troops or stragglers might at any time pay them unwelcome visits, looting their larders, defiling their homes and driving off their horses and cattle.

But, hail to our ancestors! They denied themselves that we might enjoy ourselves. They labored that we might rejoice.

Today, while our skies are not clear in every quarter, we at least have no foreign war. Our homes are excellent; our families are loyal; most of our people are busy.

So let us be joyous and hopeful and aspiring, thankful for our abundant blessings, and rejoicing in our prospects. Let good cheer reign throughout this blessed season, with the heartfelt prayer that the influence of the Christ Child, who came to offer peace on earth and good will toward all mankind, might grow in favor until it shall extend over all the earth.

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