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Source: April 1938 Volume 1 Number 3, Pages 12–13

When Orion strides across the Conestoga and a keen new silver moon rides high before

S. Paul Teamer

When Orion strides across the Conestoga
For one walking west upon the old highway,
When it lacks an hour of midnight,
Then he marks the seasons turning,
For he strides into the first strong winds of March.

Conestoga villages, on the broad blue Susquehanna.
Home of William Penn upon the Delaware,
Friends--and so a path is worn
"How beautiful upon the hills
Are the feet of those who bear good tidings"
Good tidings of peace--Penn men--Friends.
Conestoga feet beat a broad path to Penn Manor.

Conestoga high road, leading west to empire
Young Boone, on a March night
Looked west along your leading.
Young Boone, a mighty hunter,
Stands upon the Conestoga
And looks upon Orion, god of hunters,
Beckoning westward; and he follows.

Westward the course of empire takes its way,
From Friend's City westward, out the Conestoga.
Germans, hunting freedom, and good limestone soil.
Scotch-Irish pressing onward to the hills.
A hundred years of peace.

NOTE: This is a story of the growth of the United States pictured as passing westward out the Conestoga Road. It was first an Indian trail, beaten by the Conestogas as they went back and forth on their friendly visits to Penn's summer home at Pennsburg. Daniel Boone was born and raised several miles north of the road.

Page 13

The westward road is blocked at the Forks of the Ohio.
Young Washington and stern Braddock fail.
Forbes encamps eighteen miles out from Philadelphia
On the Conestoga, at the end of his first day's march
Following Orion. Forbes opens the Gateway to the West.

A new flag marches toward Orion.
Stars in a field of blue, stripes of red and white.
Women's fingers formed it in the Friendly City
In September, in the second year of Independence.
Marching westward on the Conestoga
For the first time men's eyes see it.
Leading men westward,
Leading men who marched and
"Fought as men determined to be free"
So Wayne said. He led the Pennsylvanians.

Covered wagons, rolling, rolling out the Conestoga
Stolid oxen, stalwart pioneers, eyes on Orion,
Alleghenies, Meadows of Kentucky, Mississippi Valley,
Prairie. Desert. Rocky Mountains
Oregon. Ocean. Empire.

Month of March, nineteen hundred thirty-six,
Orion strides across the Conestoga.
And a keen new silver moon rides high before.

S. Paul Teamer

- - Illustrated by Caroline Logan

NOTE: Forbes encamped near Berwyn. The United States flag, tradition says, was first flown at Cooche's Bridge on September 9th, 1777. Washington marched out the Conestoga on the 15th of September, following.


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