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Source: April 1938 Volume 1 Number 3, Pages 22–25

Post Offices in Easttown, Part I: Reeseville and Berwyn

Katharine Stroh

Page 22

Reeseville received Official sanction as a place name when on Nov. 12, 1861 the U. S. Post Office Department appointed as the first Postmaster Milton Fussel, Merchant in the old store on the South East corner of the Newtown Road and the Turnpike opposite the 16th mile stone.

First post office at Reeseville

He was succeeded May 21, 1867, by Goorge W. Downing, Mar. 17, 1869 by Isaac A. Cleaver. The latter moved the Office in 1870 to his new store and dwelling one square eastward on the Pike.

There had been a "Reeseville" Post Office at the King of Prussia, Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County, established Jan. 18, 1820, but on Feb. 28, 1829, it was changed to Upper Merion. This Post Office was too distant for the use of the inhabitants of our Reeseville in Chester County. Until the establishment of our own Post Office, the people went to the Spread Eagle for their mail. Doubtless personal or political consideration had something to do with the choice of a mailing place.

The Whigs, and later the Republicans preferred the Eagle, while some preferred the Paoli Office with Joshua Evans and a hot bed of local Democracy. Both Offices were in Taverns and a four mile walk in either case.

Page 23

During the Centennial year the village of Reeseville has population of about 200. It was proposed to change its name without offense to the Welsh neighbors. At length it was proposed to name the village after the Berwyn Hills overlooking the valley of the Dee in Wales. In ancient times the Welsh had gained a victory over the Saxons during a violent thunder storm. The Welsh army was situated on the Berwyn Mountains, and the Saxon invaders in the valley of the Dee River. Some of our Welsh neighbors fancied a resemblance of this region with its hills and valleys to that scene of a signal Welsh triumph.

Milton Fussell, first postmaster of Reeseville

The new name received official sanction Oct. 24, 1877. The same name has since been adopted by towns in Maryland, Illinois, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Oct. 14, 1887, during the Cleveland Administration, Samuel A. Kromer became Postmaster with Miss Hattie Earns as his assistant. The office was then moved from Cleaver's store to about twenty feet west of the store, into a frame single-room building which had been erected for the office of John Kauffman, Justice of Peace, surveyor and conveyancer.

In the fall of 1888, Cleaver's store caught fire and burned down and in the effort the Post Office the small building was moved across the Pike and was wrecked. The Post Office was then removed to the Real Estate Office of William Wayne, Jr. located in the Fritz Feed, Coal and Lumber Yard. Later this building was the office of Julius F. Sachse, Justice of Peace and historical writer, and is now the shoe-make shop of David Preston, removed to the west side of the station bridge.

Page 24

Julius F. Sachse's office

Kromer's term was not long, at the time of his appointment he was Passenger Agent at the Berwyn station but he soon left the railroad, opened a pool room, and later removed to Philadelphia.

The Post Office was removed to Dr. James Aiken's Drug Store, S. W. corner of Knox Ave. and the Pike; with Miss Mary Williams in charge. Dr. Aiken however did not receive the appointment under the Republican rule. Sept. 17, 1887, Dr. Theodore A. Adams, practicing Physician, was appointed, and removed the office to the Johnson Building, S.E. corner of Church and Main Ave. and the Pike.

Soon after, Dr. Adams sold his house and practice to Dr. Walter Farley and moved to Philadlephia. June 24, 1891, George A. Johnson, local baker, was appointed Postmaster, with Clem Morton as assistant. He was followed Mar. 27, 1894 by Jay R. Worst, a Democrat, and an employee of the P.R.R. and a recent addition to the town.

May 28, 1900 he was followed by George A. Johnson, and Jan. 28, 1904 Henry O. Garber succeeded him. During the later part of his second term, Joseph Shank bought and renovated the building moving the Post Office to eastern side and the store to the corner.

June 17, 1913, Joshua P. Lamborn was Postmaster during the Wilson regime.

Mar. 2, 1923 Wayne Lewis became Postmaster, later leaving the postal service to become Tax-Collector for Easttown Township.

June 28, 1926 Otho II. Tavenner, World War Veteran, and Rural Mail Carrier, served as Postmaster with full appointment until August 15, 1934.

Aug. 16, 1934 the present Postmaster Theodore C. Lamborn was appointed Acting Postmaster with full appointment on April 6, 1935.

The present quarters of the Post Office on the Lincoln Highway opposite the P. R. R. vehicle entrance was built by James G. Boyle and has been used for that purpose since Nov. 1926.

Page 25

Miss Jennie Williams, now Mrs. John Acker, was clerk during the term of J.R. Worst, assisted by Miss Martha Morris of Wayne.

Miss Philena Shank, later Mrs. Harry Pennell was clerk during the first term of George A. Johnson, also Miss Elsie Beatty, later Mrs. Jardine, then Mrs. Frank Stout.

Miss Lizzie Nuzum, now Mrs. Harry Williams, and Miss Bessie James were clerks for Mr. Johnson in his second term.

Henry O. Garber had for clerks at different times his daughter Miss Edna Garber, now Mrs. R. D. Burns, Miss Anna Baldwin, now Mrs. Charles Chattin, Miss Jennie Williams, Horcace Lanborn, Miss Elizabeth Baylis, Robert Montgomery and Miss Hattie Dewees. May 9, 1913, Miss Dewees received appointment as Assistant Postmaster having entered the Civil Service June 1, 1910.

Under J. P. Lamborn were Mrs. Elizabeth Hettinger, now Mrs. Wayne Kirkner, Miss Agnes Barsby (now Mrs. Zimmerman, residing in Hew Jersey,) Earl Linck, Mrs. Grace Usher, Miss Martha Henderson and Miss Hattie Dewees served as clerks.

During the term of Wayne Lewis, Miss Hattie Dewees, Miss Martha Henderson, Miss Dorothy Reed, Earl Linck, Miss Katharine Stroh, and Mrs. Wayne Kirkner served.

At the present time Miss Dewees still serves as Assistant Postmaster. Miss Dorothy Reed, Mrs. Wayne Kirkner, and Miss Katharine Stroh are clerks.

The Berwyn Office was designated as a Postal Saving Depository Nov. 11, 1911.

Mr. Louis P. Malin had the Star Route from 1895 to 1900. He carried mail to the Leopard Store and to Ogden before the time of Rural Delivery.

Rural Carriers were Geo. Orr, Pennybacker, O. H. Tavenner, and Louis Burns who is the present carrier. Substitute carriers have been Carl Lamborn, Wayne Lewis, Charles Moran, Rosenberry, Miss Marie Moran, now Mrs. Clarence Goodwin who has been the substitute carrier since 1922.


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