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Source: April 1938 Volume 1 Number 3, Page 28

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Ruth J. Moore

Page 28

Comments are still being received on the Quarterly, which, naturally, are very gratifying to the staff. Writes Dr. Henry Pleasants, Vice-President of the Chester County Historical Society, in the Daily Local News:

"I think the Tredyffrin- Easttown History Club has done a fine piece of work in assembling material and arranging it, regarding the schools of those townships and the early settlements along the Delaware River. It is exceptionally creditable."

The Main Line Times, speaking editorially, said,

"Citizens of Tredyffrin and Easttown Townships have solved the problem of the local historian. Through the Tredyffrin- Easttown History Club they are publishing a Two issues have been distributed. In chartering the township, borough or county there is no better guide for the future than the experience of the past. . .Although deriving its inspiration from private citizens this gap is being filled in Tredyffrin and Easttown by the historical quarterly. . .The history club is supplanting what public officials might do under more favorable circumstances in large and wealthier communities. As their work is continued they will have on hand glittering tales and reliable data about former Main Line years. Bound in volumes or reprinted as a book what better legacy could they leave for the library of posterity and the future civic guidance of their children?"

From the Nation's Capital:

The Tredyffrin (what a catchword for a spelling bee !) Easttown History Club Quarterly of January 1938 contains a vast amount of interesting, instructive, local history of Chester County. It is invaluable to the student of military history relative to the Valley Forge Continental Encampment of our Army. The previous number referring to the rear guard action at Paoli interested me very much. As a boy in Chester County I heard the old timers allude to this fight of General Anthony Wayne as the Paoli "Massa-cree." They had developed propaganda even in those early days.

Brandywine, Paoli, Valley Forge - what stirring words to true Americans! Would that this generation could be impressed with these words and what occurred at these places. The hardships, hunger, disease, suffering from cold and long marches through mud and mire, often with bare feet, opposing the best trained and equipped soldiers of Europe with marked success-- surely we should be proud of our ancestors who by all these hardships and sufferings brought forth the independence of our country.

Colonel, Auxiliary Reserve
U.S. Army
Washington, D.C.

Editor's Note: Col. Turner's great-grandfather, also John Turner, fought in the Revolution. He himself was a veteran of the Spanish American and First World Wars.


Trips contemplated, beside those mentioned in the last issue, are to the sites of Fort Christina at Wilmington and Fort Casimer at New Castle, Del., in connection with the 3OOth anniversary of the Swedish occupation there; and a short tour of New York and New England. All friends are welcome.


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