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Source: April 1938 Volume 1 Number 3, Inside Back Cover

Sullivan's bridge

Mildred F. Bradley

The Chimes from the Chapel were ringing that day
As we stood on the bank of the River.
Where the Men of the Army had trodden their way
With Washington there as their leader.

A silence fell on the group that day,
As the sun went down in the west.
And the notes of America came our way,
While we thought of those men now at rest.

Yes, the Bridge is a thought
Of the days long ago;
When the men bravely fought
For the Freedom we know.

They suffered with hunger,
They suffered with cold,
They suffered to give us
The Freedom we hold.

May we bow in Reverence
As the Chimes play the Hymn.
While we stand by the River
Where the bridge must have been.


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