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Source: July, 1938 Volume 1 Number 4, Inside Back Cover

Tredyffrin Easttown History Club

J. Alden Mason

T o study ancient crafts and local lore,
r ecord the happenings of endless change,
e nlarge the growing bulk of hist'ry's store,
d escribe old customs queer and fashions strange.
y et not to fail to note each day's events
f or coming generations' questive ken;
f or oft an unimpressive fact presents
r are knowledge for the minds of future men.
i n these environs patriots fought full well;
n eath sods of Valley Forge their bones lie cold;
E rstwhile Paoli's martyred heroes fell,
a nd Brandywine its tale of valor told.
s t. David's ancient pile our homes abuts,
t he churchyards of Great Valley hold our dead;
t he Conestoga wagons left their ruts
o n roads we walk to earn our daily bread.
w here once none but the simple red man stirred
n ow homes and schools and churches dot these lands;
H ere only modern English words are heard
i n towns where Swede and Welshman once joined hands.
s chools come and go with teachers long forgot;
t owns change their names and roads their rights of way;
o ld inns and mills and forges fall to rot;
r oofs tumble inwards and their beams decay.
i n nearby fields Mad Anth'ny Wayne once strolled,
c hivalric Lafayette received a ball,
a nd Washington the nation helped to mould,
l eft home and comfort at his country's call.
C ome, let us note the passing happenings;
l et us record, that future men may read,
u ntil the lore of past and present things
b ecomes a hist'ry that our sons may heed.


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